Innovation in Preparative SFC


A new sample introduction procedure

X-Injection (Extraction-Injection) is a solution to the continuing problem of compounds with low solubility. Instead of dissolving the sample in the polar mobile phase component - often with the addition of some other solvent which may not be fully compatible with the columns used - the technique dissolves the sample in the supercritical mobile phase for injection. This means that the material injected will not "crash out" in the column inlet, blocking the column and stopping the purification.

The sample is placed in an extractor which is pressurized with the mobile phase. The extractor is periodically opened to the column, allowing injection. Peak shapes are ideal and the process allows very large injection volumes without the complication of using very large injection loops.

In summary, X-Injection makes the introduction of problematic samples easy without risk of column blockage.

X-Injection slides

See the News / Publications page for links to papers on this subject as well as our applications notes and posters

One interesting appliction is the rapid concentration and isolation of impurities using X-Injection. See the slide show above or our posters for more information.