Innovation in SFE

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Production SFE Systems:

SFE-PicLab 400.

The SFC-PICLab SFE 400 is a production SFE system which typically uses two x 5L extractors. The extractors can be used individually or in parallel.

The user-friendly software has an intuitive interface which allows rapid set-up of fully automated extraction processes using pressure, flow and co-solvent gradients in any combination. Up to three time-programmed fractions can be isolated during an extraction.

UV detection is available to monitor the extraction process.

Larger systems

Beside the SFE 400, PIC Solution can provide systems with flow rates to 1000 or 2000 ml/min for extractor capacities to 20L. Please contact PIC Solution for details

SFE-PICLab 400

SFE  400


Flow Rate 400 ml/min
Co-solvent Flow Rate 100 ml/min
Maximum Pressure 350 bar
Co-Solvents Selected from 4
Extractors Selected from 2
Fractions Selected from 3
Temperature 20 to 60°C
Detector UV (single wavelength)
Power 208V; 3-phase; 40 A
Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 cm

Download the SFC PIC-Lab SFE 400 brochure