Innovation in Preparative SFC

Mass-Directed and Open Bed SFC-MS Systems

An innovative approach to SFC-MS and Open Bed fraction collection.

Mass-directed collection is based upon up to 4 mass values, entered in the separation method. As many as 242 collection tubes are available in 2 racks for collection with a sample capacity of 72 x 10 ml vials which ensure that the system runs continuously and efficiently through multiple separations. The collection tubes may be filled up to 90% of their volume. A dual collection head system is also available which reduces potential for sample loss.


The systems are based upon the proven SFC-PICLab PREP 100 and SFC-PICLab Hybrid 10-100 systems, the latter unit allowing automated method development at the analytical scale with 9 analytical column and 6 co-solvent selection through PIC Solutionís proprietary software as well as preparative capability. The units can hold up to 6 preparative columns on a software-driven selection valve. The Hybrid system can be programmed to run post-separation analyses on the collected fractions from the collection tubes.

Download the SFC PIC-Lab HT-MS brochure


Flow Rate 100 ml/min
Co-solvent Flow Rate 50 ml/min
Maximum Pressure 350 bar
Co-Solvents Selected from 6
Analytical Columns (Hybrid) Selected from 9
Preparative Columns Selected from 6
Temperature 20 to 60°C
Detector DAD UV (4 simultaneous wavelengths) / MS (4 mass values)
Power 110V; 60 Hz; 20 A
Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 cm