Innovation in Preparative SFC

Bench-top Semi-Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

SFC-PICLab PREP 100 and PREP 150 SFC Systems.

The SFC-PICLab PREP 100 and PREP 150 are bench-top preparative SFC systems. The user-friendly software has an intuitive interface which allows data acquisition and processing, mobile phase and flow gradients with integrated column and co-solvent selection. Both UV and quadrupole mass spectrometric detection are available.

Both units are available with CO2 recycling and have 4 fractions plus waste - with additional fractions also available. An additional option allows selection of one of four columns through a software-controlled valve.

Open bed collection, mainly for achiral separations, is available as the SFC-PICLab PREP 100 HT system. For more information on this system, see the SFC-MS page.


Prep 100

The version with CO2 recycle is shown.

Up to 100 or 150 ml/min, 6 co-solvents and 4 prep columns. UV or MS detection.

Software for the SFC-PICLab PREP systems has been designed to be powerful yet simple to use. The platform is common between all PIC Solution PREP systems, making it easy for transition from small to large scale separations. Collection points can be set up on-the-fly or post-run using a graphical interface and can be modified during a preparative separation, as can the injection volume and number of stacked injection cycles. Stacked injections can be set up rapidly using a graphical simulation of three chromatograms to facilitate choice of the injection position relative to both major and minor components.

Download the SFC PIC-Lab PREP 100 brochure


Flow Rate 100 or 150 ml/min
CoSolvent Flow Rate 50 ml/min
Maximum Pressure 350 bar
Co-Solvents Selected from 6
Columns Selected from 4 (Option)
Fractions Selected from 4 or 6 (Option)
Temperature 15 to 60°C
Detector DAD UV (4 simultaneous wavelengths) / MS (4 mass values)
CO2 Recycle As option
Power 110V; 60 Hz; 20 A
Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 mm