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PIC Solution Was There!

SFC 2016 (Vienna)

SPICA 2016 (Vienna)

PREP 2017 (Philadelphia)

SFC 2017 (Rockville, MD)

Upcoming Conferences

SPICA 2018 - Darmstadt, Germany

Darmstadtium - October 7 - 10

SFC 2018 - Strasbourg, France

Details to be announced

PREP 2018 - Baltimore, MD

Hyatt Regency - July 8 to 11


Other News

2018 Conferences

The major SFC conference (SFC 2018) will be in Strasbourg, France.

This breaks with past practice where the SFC meeting has been held at the same time/place as the PREP or SPICA meeting. If you cannot make it to Europe (Strasbourg is well worth a visit) then PREP 2018 in Baltimore is a good option for keeping up with the latest developments in all areas of preparative chromatography.

For more information click here

SFC-MS Open bed system

The final version of the SFC - MS software has now been released. This allows collection using both MS and UV (AND / OR logic), 4 wavelengths and mass values, color coding of fractions and more. For more information see the SFC-MS page.