Innovation in Preparative SFC

MS-Directed Preparative Chromatography

MS Detection

Detection and collection of fractions by mass is of great importance in analytical and small scale preparative separations. Once a preparative separation scale exceeds a few hundred mg, some initial work to develop a separation and to identify the components will have been carried out. Where unknown samples are to be addressed, most notably in initial analytical investigation or where small-scale preparative samples are to be run, mass detection - and mass-directed collection - come into their own.

PIC Solution SFC systems are available with a mass spectrometer detector for those occasions where this is necessary. We have chosen to use a single quadrupole mass spectrometer which allows monitoring of 4 separate masses for collection. The detector can be used with a standard preparative system, fitted with 4 (or more) fractions or it can be used with an open bed collection system which is available for the PREP 100 and the Hybrid 10-100 chromatographs.



A single software package, proprietary to PIC Solution, controls both the chromatograph and the detector. Details are shown in the presentation above. The software allows setting the mass detector parameters, auto-tuning and calibrating the detector while also operting the SFC system, including the fraction collection or the open bed collection.