Innovation in Preparative SFC

Hybrid Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Systems

Hybrid philosophy.

The Hybrid SFC concept, unique to PIC Solution, incorporates both a 10 ml/min analytical and a 100 or a 150 ml/min preparative SFC in a single unit. Origonally conceived as a system for users with resources or space for a single system but who wish to carry out method development, preparative separations and fraction analysis, the system has found a place in larger separations laboratories where it can be switched between its functions according to work-flow demands.

Where small scale preparative separations using 10 mm id columns are to be used, a 20 ml/min system is also available.

SFC-PICLab Hybrid 10-100 and 10-150


SFC-PICLab Hybrid 20


Up to 10 ml/min analytical, 100 or 150 ml/min preparative, 6 co-solvents and 9 analytical columns, 4 preparative columns. UV or MS detection.

Up to 10 ml/min analytical, 20 ml/min preparative, 6 co-solvents and 10 analytical columns. UV or MS detection.

Software for the SFC-PICLab Hybrid systems combines the features of both the Analytic and the preparative SFC systems. The units are switched between analytical and preparative functions through the software.

In the analytical mode, screening sequences can be set up in moments by selection from 9 analytical columns and six modifiers together with a generic screening method and information on the samples (96 in 2-ml vials in the autosampler). As with the SFC-PICLab Analytic, results can be selected using specific samples or separation conditions (column, mobile phase) and up to 60 chromatograms may be displayed on-screen.

In the Preparative mode a separate injection system, exactly like those on the dedicated preparative systems, is used so automatic, manual and extraction injection techniques are available. Multiple fractions (4 plus waste standard, up to 6 available) are collected using time, time plus time windows plus threshold or threshold alone. Up to four preparative columns can optionally be selected from a software-controlled valve.

Download the SFC PIC-Lab Hybrid 10-100 brochure

Download the SFC PIC-Lab Hybrid 20 brochure


Property Analytical Preparative 100 (150)
Flow Rate 10 ml/min 100 (150) ml/min
CoSolvent Flow Rate 10 ml/min 50 (50) ml/min
Maximum Pressure 350 bar 350 bar
Co-Solvents Selected from 6 Selected from 6
Columns Selected from 10 Option: Selected from 4
Fractions None 4 plus waste; option to 6
Temperature 20 to 60°C 20 to 60°C
Detector UV (4 wavelengths) / MS (4 mass values) UV (4 wavelengths) / MS (4 mass values)
Power 110V; 60Hz; 20 A 110V; 60 Hz; 20 A
Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 cm 140 x 75 x 120 cm