Innovation in SFE

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Development SFE Systems.

The SFC-PICLab SFE 20 is a versatile development SFE system. It is equally useful in performing small scale laboratory extractions and economic development of extraction processes without excessive consumption of valuable materials.

The user-friendly software has an intuitive interface which allows extraction from one extractor into several fractions using pressure or co-solvent gradients or from up to 10 extractors each into one fraction - or a combination of both. Methods can be set up for fully automated extractions with mobile phase and flow gradients with integrated extractor, fraction valve and co-solvent selection.

UV detection is available to monitor the extraction process. Any size extractor can be used in the unit, although volumes from 30 to 100 ml are common.


SFE  20

Software for the SFE-PICLab systems .

The SFE 20 software allows:

  • Selection of any of 10 extractors
  • Selection of any of 10 collection vessels
  • Selection of any of 6 co-solvents
  • Pressure, flow and co-solvent gradients
  • Fully automated sequences
  • Specifications

    Flow Rate 20 ml/min
    Co-solvent Flow Rate 10 ml/min
    Maximum Pressure 350 bar
    Co-Solvents Selected from 6
    Extractors Selected from 10
    Fractions Selected from 10
    Temperature 20 to 60°C
    Detector UV (4 simultaneous wavelengths)
    Power 110V; 60 Hz; 20 A
    Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 mm

    Download the SFC PIC-Lab SFE 20 brochure