Innovation in SFC

Columns and DAC Packing Station for Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Preparative Columns.


PIC Solution preparative columns can be used for SFC, HPLC or SMB. The columns are packed and unpacked by the user employing the FexPacker Dynamic Axial Compression system. The column can be left pressurized with the hydraulic system for HPLC operation, while for SFC the piston in the column is blocked after packing to allow the high pressure operation necessary for the technique. The video shows the packing and unpacking processes which can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

SMB Columns

PIC Solution can provide columns from 5 to 10 cm id for SMB systems.

SMB Columns



Column Cart

The column cart not only is a convenient way in which to mount packed columns ready for use but also maintains the columns under pressure with a switching valve system that selects the desired column quickly and easily. It is ideal for laboratories which have large numbers of separations to run as the most used columns can be ready for operation within moments.

Download the FlexPacker technical brochure

FlexPacker video

The video shows the packing and the unpacking process for a 5 x 25 cm preparative SFC column. For clarity it can be run in full screen mode.