Innovation in Analytical SFC

Analytical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Analytical SFC Systems.

The SFC-PICLab Analytic is a versatile analytical SFC system.  The intuitive interface of the user-friendly software allows easy set-up of analytical methods with both mobile phase and flow gradients. Automated screening for rapid method development with integrated column and co-solvent selection is programmed in moments. Both UV and quadrupole mass spectrometric detection are available.

SFC-PICLab Analytic


Up to 10 ml/min, 6 co-solvents and 10 columns. UV or MS detection.

Software for the SFC-PICLab Analytic system has been designed specifically to ease the development of separation methods. Screening sequences can be set up in moments by selection from 10 columns and 6 modifiers together with a generic screening method and information on the samples. Results can be selected using specific samples or separation conditions (column, mobile phase) and up to 60 chromatograms may be displayed on-screen.

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Flow Rate 10 ml/min
Maximum Pressure 350 bar
Co-Solvents Selected from 6
Columns Selected from 10
Temperature 15 to 60°C
Detector DAD UV (4 simultaneous wavelengths) / MS (4 mass values)
Power 110V; 60 Hz; 20 A
Dimensions 140 x 75 x 120 mm